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"At first, coupons seem a little scary, but Joanie and Heather spell it out so it seems manageable and exciting instead of overwhelming. The book is clear, concise and funny and the format makes it a handy resource for anyone, beginner or veteran. Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey rocks!" the anonymous author of Seriously, So Blessed!
"The authors of Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey offer a step by step guide to teach you all the tricks of the trade. They write with such charm and humor I swear some of their real life examples are a page from my past couponing experiences!! I think this book is a must have for any new couponer and can even teach an old pro a thing or two! The best part is that this is a fun read! I caught myself laughing out loud at times, seriously this is a great book!

I have already passed my copy to a few friends. My buddy Jessica gave it back to me in a day and said that she had to get her own copy so she could highlight and mark specific pages, hahaha!!" Michelle, from I Heart Publix
"The second I received it I started reading and didn't but it down until the next day. Well, I really did put it down but that just sounded good. Honestly, I did finish it in two days and enjoyed every chapter.

Joanie and Heather, the two behind the book, fill the book with tips, situations and humor as they take you step by step through the world of coupons, stockpiling, crazy store policies and more. If you are a newbie coupon user or an expert, then you should pick up this book. I highly recommend it." Cindy, from Living Rich with Coupons
"I had the privilege of receiving a courtesy copy of this outstanding book and I have to tell you it is a fabulous read! Not only is the book chock full of everything you ever wanted to know about coupons and saving on your grocery budget, it's wonderfully entertaining and humorous and will actually leave you wanting more once you've finished reading it!

Even if you think you're already pretty savvy when it comes to couponing, trust me, this book will definitely teach you something you didn't already know. I myself learned so much from the chapter on the anatomy of a coupon. I highly recommend Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey. It is truly a masterpiece in the world of frugal shopping!" Julie, from Frugal Shopping with Julie
Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey is loaded with funny comics showing how Krazy coupon shoppers live. I related to all of them and my husband agreed I could be the lady in the comics. The book starts out explaining the why of couponing. This is why this would be a great gift for people who are not couponers yet. There are some people who don’t understand that you can get name-brand cereal for drastically less then generic.

Every trick it took me months to learn the hard-knock way at the checkout lane was laid out in this 250 page book. I wish I had read it before I started couponing to save me massive amounts of trial-and-error and the many times I had coupons denied or spent more then I was planning." Deidre from Cuckoo For Coupon Deals
"I ordered your book and was in awe. I bought my binder, got multiple papers and searched the web. I went to Albertson's to shop deals and get my 5 for 5 oatmeal. I had people admire my coupon book and ask me about it, I was excited to share. When I got to the check stand I got almost two carts full of grocery with meat for $60. My $140 bill slowly came down as gave my giant stack of coupons. As a single mom, this has helped me a lot." Danielle
"I have only been couponing a few months, and my life is forever changed! I *thought* I had figured most of this out on my own and by reading various websites...that is, until I ordered your book. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU...you absolutely rock!" Angela
"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. After reading it I guess I can classify myself as a krazy coupon lady. You book touched on every topic and I will be sure to recommend it to others. I've started teaching other's on saving with coupons at our church and I have such a passion to share this knowledge especially with young mother's, boy if I would have had someone show me this 15 years ago how better off I would have been." Ann

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