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One of America’s latest crazes is extreme couponing. If you’re determined and organized enough to learn how to coupon and take advantage of all the different coupon offers from various manufacturers, you might be the person in line who actually ends up getting money back from the store!

When first learning how to coupon, you may think manufacturers wouldn’t want you to use their coupons because, after all, you’re getting money back from them. But, manufacturers aren’t looking at the short-term. Their goal is to have you use your coupon now, try the product, and then continue buying it long-term.

Manufacturers are happy to let you take a discount on their product several times because they don’t offer coupons for it year-round, and there will be times where you buy that product at retail price.

And, you will continue using it long-term, except we’ll be teaching you how to coupon effectively and use manufacturer coupons to your long-term advantage!

In today’s how to coupon guide, we’d like to show you places where you can go to find coupons so you can begin saving 75% or more on your next trip to the grocery store!

How to Coupon: Where to Find Coupons

Now that you know a little bit about the background of couponing, we’ll show you how to coupon more effectively by helping you to figure out where to locate coupons. Here are some of the strategies and techniques available to you:

  1. The Sunday Paper. To most of us, this is a rather obvious one. If you're just learning how to coupon, you probably thought of this one already.

    When first learning how to coupon, one strategy you may not know is buying multiple copies of the Sunday paper in order to receive multiple copies of each coupon. Of course, make sure the coupons don't have limits per customer. Minimize the cost of purchasing the Sunday paper by purchasing one at the grocery store for $1.

    The costs of purchasing a Sunday paper far outweigh the savings you'll receive from using multiple coupons.
  2. Use the help of friends and family, and maybe teach them how to coupon. The more eyes you have looking for coupons, the more coupons you'll find, and the faster you'll learn how to coupon! Teaching your friends and family how to coupon may help to bring everyone a little closer together, and you'll all benefit from everyone searching for great coupon deals!
  3. Online couponing sites like Pickanothercheckoutlanehoney.com regularly feature some great manufacturer deals. When learning how to coupon, keep in mind it's not all up to you! We will search out some of the better deals we can find, and we post them to our site directly so you learn how to coupon that much faster!
  4. Grocery store websites are increasing the value they offer customers learning how to coupon by offering coupons directly on their own sites. If you're just learning how to coupon, check the websites of some of your favorite local stores and learn more about the special offers they have in mind.
  5. Extreme couponing is becoming popular enough for entire magazines to address the topic. When learning how to coupon, keep in mind many magazines, such as “All You Magazine,” (available at Wal Mart for $.83 per issue) provide readers with $100 worth of coupons each month and also feature articles for frugal living!

If You’re Just Learning How to Coupon, You’re Off to a Great Start!

While these aren’t all the sources for extreme couponing, if you’re just learning how to coupon, they’ll help you start off well! Our recommendation is to find as many different sources of coupons as possible so you never have a short supply.

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