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Extreme Couponing: How to Work Specific Stores

In this extreme couponing how-to, we’d like to teach you how to work specific stores. Every store has its own systems and methodologies for offering customers sales and deals.

If you’re truly extreme couponing, then you’re targeting specific stores and creating specific action plans for maximizing the benefits you receive from each store.


For the most part, Wal-Mart is a great store for extreme couponing. They gladly accept manufacturer, newspaper, and print-at-home coupons. Many websites, however, offer coupons that may not be accepted by a store. In order to be accepted at Wal-Mart, a printed coupon must have the words manufacturer coupon” printed on the coupon, have a valid address for the manufacturer, have a valid expiration date, and also must have a scannable bar code.

Wal-Mart is also fairly good at price matching. You’ll run into this term fairly often when extreme couponing, and it simply means it does its best to under price the competition. This isn’t always the case, but very often Wal-Mart does beat the competition’s price. Produce is the most likely product to be price-matched.

When extreme couponing, keep in mind Wal-Mart does not double coupons, match prices after register rewards, or print out Catalinas” (coupons that offer rewards on future shopping trips).


When extreme couponing, keep in mind Walgreen’s is another retailer with its own quirks. Here are some of the ins and outs of extreme couponing at Walgreens:

  • Some stores have placed a limit on coupon deals, while others do not have limits. Be sure to contact your store ahead of time so you know their extreme couponing policy.
  • There are a variety of rules on extreme couponing and receiving register rewards. If you want to receive a register reward when extreme couponing, you have to use a register reward on an unlike product. So, for example, if you want to use a toothpaste register reward and you want to receive another register reward, you'll have to use the toothpaste register reward to pay for another item, such as chap stick, and then you'll receive another register reward.
  • Keep in mind that, when you are extreme couponing at Walgreen's, you are only allowed to use as many register rewards and coupons as you purchase items. If you purchase 50 items, the most coupons and register rewards you can use on that trip is also 50.

In order to receive the maximum register rewards when extreme couponing, you have to purchase each item separately. So, for example, if you wanted 3 register rewards for purchasing 3 tubes of toothpaste, you’d have to go through the line 3 times, or make 3 separate trips to the store. Some stores are happy to let you go through the line 3 separate times, while others are not.


Target is yet another one of the big-box retailers that works really well for extreme couponing. Here are some of the steps you can take to begin extreme couponing at Target immediately:

  • Bring reusable bags. When extreme couponing, target does not require you to use a specific type of reusable bag - it just has to be reusable. For each one you use, you save $.05!
  • Save 5% by using a Target credit or debit card. You can sign up for one anytime while extreme couponing at any Target store.
  • Target has special regional newspaper inserts it publishes regularly. These inserts make Target ripe for extreme couponing.
  • You are allowed to use one store and one manufacturer coupon on each item.
  • You can also receive mobile coupons on your mobile phone. These coupons can only be used once, and can be used along with manufacturer coupons, but not with store coupons.

Now You Know how to Begin Extreme Couponing the Big Stores!

The top extreme couponing fanatics have a specific methodology for receiving the best discounts at their favorite stores. If you weren’t ready to begin extreme couponing before, you are now!

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