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Couponing 101

Here are six different Couponing 101 tips as you embark on your new adventure of cutting your grocery bill. Money savings is well worth it but not always easy. By keeping these Couponing 101 tips in mind you’ll be sure to stay on track in this krazy coupon world.

Couponing 101 - The Rules

Like any hobby, because that’s what couponing becomes, there are rules to the game. The sooner you learn the rules, the easier it will be to play. It’s important that you understand store policy, know how to use your coupons, and do all that you can to follow the rules. We’ve seen policies change and become more restrictive because a few people decided the rules didn’t apply. Don’t contribute to that. Keep this Couponing 101 tip in mind whenever you’re at the store. Play by the rules so everyone benefits.

Couponing 101 - The Learning Curve

As it goes when you try anything new there is a definite learning curve. This couponing 101 tip would remind you to be patient with yourself. Begin slow, perhaps by learning one store at a time. Become familiar with its policy, its cashiers, its management before moving on to the next. This will help build your coupon confidence. One you’ve got that store down, move onto the next. With every store and every deal understand that not all deals work out all the time. Don’t get frustrated! Know that sales cycle and you’ll have another shot! Start small, set your pace, and learn as you go. Most important, don’t get frustrated. It’s okay if it takes you a few months to get the hang of it.

Couponing 101 - The Time

This Couponing 101 tip is for those of you who are afraid of the time commitment. You might think there’s just no way you can fit it into your busy schedule. We don’t want to disillusion you into thinking that it doesn’t take time, it does. It’s inevitable. But, remember, anything worthwhile takes a bit of extra effort and some shuffling of priorities. If you think of it as a job you’ll soon discover that you’re making hundreds of dollars an hour. Who can beat that? Don’t worry, as soon as you bring home your first free toothpaste, deodorant, body wash, and toothbrush you’ll be hooked. The extra time it takes will be well worth it.

Couponing 101 - The Savings

Couponing 101 - The savings is all about understanding where your money goes. Don’t just coupon and hope it makes a different. To assess the validity and worth of couponing this Couponing 101 tip would beg you to keep track of your savings. Make sure to write down your previous month’s spending and keep track of how that fluctuates as you continue to coupon. Over the next few months we’re positive that you will see a dramatic drop that will have you hooked for good.

Couponing 101 - The Habit

What you’ll find soon find is that couponing will become a habit. This couponing 101 tip simply wants you to embrace that possibility. Get ready for money saving to become a way of life. Soon these habits will extend far beyond the grocery store. Couponing 101 will no longer be your game. You’ll be much further into the savings game. You’ll learn how to apply these same principles into every other aspect of your financial life. Soon this habit will turn into your favorite hobby.

Couponing 101 - The Sharing

One thing that all couponers eventually learn is that couponing allows you the opportunity to pay it forward. Because of the amazing deals you’ll be able to score, you’ll have so many more opportunities to share; whether by passing on the coupon know-how or giving away all those extra unused products in your stockpile. This couponing 101 tip encourages you to give freely. Share your money saving secrets at the store. Teach your friends and family. Spread the good news. Drop off those unused extras at a food bank. Put together packages for shelters. Send you unused coupons to the military. Never neglect the good you can to for others.

There you have it: Couponing 101 tips for the beginners! Play by the rules. Don’t be afraid of the time commitment! Track your savings. Be patient as you learn. Pay it forward and embrace the habit!


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